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Inside Perspectives

Inside Perspectives

Our perspectives are as unique as our backgrounds. Click on the names below to learn what motivates and inspires our attorneys as they work to advance and protect our clients interests.

"I try to create a roadmap for the judge to rule in favor of my client."

"I always keep in mind that the law does not merely involve a set of abstract rules."

"The attorney-client relationship is a partnership."

"[It's] the only firm where our clients can 'get it all' when it comes to solving employee benefits problems."

"Although employee benefits laws are complicated, the mutual rewards they provide for both employers and employees are immeasurable. It's rewarding to navigate these issues to find practical solutions that help our clients, and their employees."

"The Magic Eight Ball reminds me to keep the proper perspective on my work—to give my clients answers they can use and understand in the real world."

"I am able to call upon the knowledge I've garnered throughout my career to help our clients devise solutions that are appropriate for their organizations from the 'top to bottom'."

"As a benefits attorney, I feel strongly that our work at Groom on employee benefits programs will help to make it possible for employers to provide critical support, advice, and benefits for their employees who are fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses."

"Understanding Groom is simple. We are the best employee benefits firm in the country, we have the greatest depth and expertise, and we work hard for our clients."

"The thing about Groom is that everyday you have to think critically and explain why you think what you think. You can’t just smile and nod at Groom. You have to understand what’s going on and to do so you have to ask questions. I’ve learned that if you don’t understand something, the thing that makes you smart is asking questions."

"I chose to work at Groom because of the expertise and experience of the people I work with and the quality of the people we work for."

"The impact of what we do on ordinary people is one of the reasons we take our responsibility to our clients as seriously as we do."

"We’ve entered an era of high-stakes ERISA and ERISA-related litigation."

"Our job here is to make our clients’ lives easier by assuming their burdens and making them our own."

"I feel that what we do here ultimately helps people."

"From the beginning, Groom has been committed to a few basic principles. Each client is a client of the firm, not of individual lawyers. We work in a collegial atmosphere where the best ideas are shared ideas and the best practices are shared practices. We hold each other accountable. We believe strongly that the work we do is important. And we have a lot fun doing the work we do."

"Groom has wonderful clients. The strong partnerships between our clients and our attorneys help us to understand the impact of our recommendations beyond merely the legal ramifications."

“I help clients with litigation when it comes, of course, but I most like finding ways to avoid or efficiently resolve litigation. To me, that’s the greatest accomplishment.”

“I came to Groom because there is no other law firm that includes a group of attorneys who know more about the practice of employee benefits law. ERISA and the web of other laws that impact employee benefits are all we think about here, and you see that in our work product and in the way we solve our client’s most complex business problems.”

"Groom is the best in its field, unlike the big firms where I worked, it takes ERISA attorneys seriously."

"Helping the client solve problems is not really ‘work,’ it is simply helping someone that you like."

"Employee benefit plans can be complex. I want to provide our clients with a map to enable them to get where they want to go, but I also want to counsel them about the potential detours, bottlenecks and hazards they may encounter along the way."

“I came to Groom because I knew I would be working with the best in the field. Groom lawyers understand the key legal issues and confront them head on, which is efficient and effective.”

"Groom’s attorneys have a combined depth and breadth of knowledge that is unsurpassed."

"Every one of my colleagues is a resource for advice, counsel and consultation."

"I like doing legal analysis because it's analogous to solving math problems"

"We make it a priority at Groom to approach each new client engagement as an opportunity to start a lasting relationship. We take time to understand a client’s needs and wants so that we can tailor a solution that doesn’t just address the immediate problem at hand but works within the context of the client’s long-term strategy."

"I came to Groom from a large corporate firm and found the firm’s focus on benefits law to be absolutely compelling. Groom has made me a better lawyer—and a better thinker. There are endless opportunities here to have informal discussions with my peers about employee benefits law, specific cases, and life in general."

"I believe that what we do helps people – it helps employees obtain needed benefits and helps employers provide those benefits."

"By solving complex problems for our clients, we make it easier for plans to reach more people and provide more benefits.”

"Groom is filled with the brightest benefits minds and broadest benefits experiences. But, Groom's secret is its attorneys' collegiality and decency, which definitely redounds to our clients' benefit."

"We are the benefits attorneys other benefits lawyers (and other law firms) turn to with their most difficult issues"

"My role is not simply to tell clients what the law says. My job is to make the law work for our clients and to solve problems."

"ERISA has been amended dozens of times, spawning hundreds of new regulations and rulings. No one can lay claim to being its master. As an ERISA tax specialist, I can’t really venture an expert opinion on the law’s Title IV rules for multi-employer plans. But the great thing about working at Groom is that I can walk down the hall to find a colleague who can."

"Employee Benefits is an area of the law that has practical application to everyday life."

"Employee benefits is such a complicated and multifaceted legal field—touching on everything from employment discrimination, to antitrust, and to securities laws—that I knew it was an area in which I would never stop learning."

"I like being a tax lawyer, but you have to do more than just practice the law. My outside interests give me better grounding to make better judgments on tough questions."

"The legal issues we work on not only impact how companies do business today but often shape the legal landscape for years to come."

"As long as people are working, there will be a need for skilled employee benefits lawyers. It is difficult to think of another area of the law that affects so many people’s everyday lives."

"My colleagues are committed, hard-working, and creative."

"My ‘Rosie the Riveter’ poster with the World War II slogan, ‘We Can Do It,’ expresses Groom's commitment to finding creative solutions to the sophisticated legal problems our clients face. All of us at the firm pride ourselves on being highly responsive, technically proficient, and imaginative. Whatever it takes, ‘we can do it.’"

"The calm and collegial atmosphere of the office indicates not only a great group of people, but a group of lawyers who have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to tackle our clients' most difficult problems."

"I love to watch the State of the Union address each year. I know that whatever health issues the President mentions will most likely be the issues I work on for the next year."

"Following news stories about health care reform and the debate over essential health care benefits and preventive care is fascinating. I enjoy thinking of how these issues affect my clients and the types of questions that may be raised."

"I've always enjoyed working with others to achieve common goals and Groom was a great fit."

"Although employee benefits may not have been regarded as very high-profile in the past, pension and health-related issues are now grabbing the headlines."

"My goal is to provide practical, efficient solutions to clients. The more directed and efficient we can make the benefit programs, the better we can help our clients."

"I get to work with, and learn from, the best and the brightest in my field, some of whom may have helped write the laws and regulations I am tasked with interpreting."