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Government Experience

Groom attorneys have developed a reputation as leading advocates for clients with a stake in federal legislation or regulatory guidance. Groom attorneys include former staff from all of the federal agencies that regulate benefit plans as well as three of the four Congressional committees with jurisdiction over benefits issues, including attorneys who previously served as:

  • Administrator of Pension and Welfare Benefits at the Department of Labor
  • Associate Benefits Tax Counsel at the Treasury Department
  • General Counsel of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
  • Senior Legislative Officer at the Department of Labor
  • ERISA Counsel to the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources
  • Tax Counsel on the majority staff of the House Committee on Ways and Means

As a result, Groom attorneys have unique insight into the legislative and regulatory process that attorneys at few firms have. Groom attorneys maintain valuable contacts with senior officials at the federal agencies that regulate benefit plans as well as key members of Congress and their staff. Because of these contacts, we are able to spot developing issues and address potentially sensitive matters, including discussions with Congressional and agency staff on a "no-names" basis. Our relationships give us insights into the way legislators and regulators would approach particular issues, afford us the opportunity to discuss issues on an informal and candid basis with government officials, and provide a level of mutual respect that is very helpful in negotiating positive outcomes for our clients.

Our attorneys are registered lobbyists for a number of trade association and individual company clients and assist them in developing legislative proposals and preparing and executing an effective lobbying strategy. We help clients analyze and respond to legislative and regulatory proposals and present their views and concerns on those proposals. In addition, we help prepare testimony to be used at Congressional and agency hearings and, at times, Groom attorneys deliver that testimony.