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Community Involvement

At Groom Law Group we are dedicated to the community in which we work and play.  This dedication is best shown through the charitable work that we do, the charitable events that we support, and our charitable partners.

Charitable Work

Our charitable work centers on activities that make a difference in individual lives.  On an individual level, our assistance takes on many faces for those in need – from adoption, to tax assistance, to disability and social security benefits, to preparing wills and domestic relations orders, and beyond.  On a larger scale, we help start-up charitable organizations find their way through the various state and federal filings, and assist with on-going employee benefit issues.  Please visit our Pro Bono practice page to learn more about the work that we do for these clients.

Charitable news and events

charitable partners

We are proud to work together with our charitable partners to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most – from those below the poverty line, to those fighting a life-threatening illness, to all of us in protecting our waterways.  Please visit our Pro Bono practice page to learn more about the work that we do for these clients.


MicroCredit Enterprises is committed to reducing poverty by mobilizing private investment capital to finance micro-businesses of poor families throughout the developing world. It gears its entrepreneurial results to produce jobs, sustain micro-businesses and improve human lives.


linksinpink is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and their families facing a catastrophic illness, including breast cancer.  It seeks to produce targeted real-world solutions with the greatest impact, often using novel and innovative approaches.  For example, it provides a new level of employee benefits for Fortune 500 companies to make a difference in the lives of their employees when it matters most.

WestRhode Riverkeeper

WestRhode Riverkeeper, Inc., is a community-supported environmental organization with a focus on enforcement of environmental laws. The Riverkeeper patrols the West and Rhode Rivers and the nearby waters of the Chesapeake Bay. When the Riverkeeper identifies sources of pollution, he uses all available means to stop it and to hold those responsible accountable. The Riverkeeper also works to reduce sources of legal pollution through advocacy, education and watershed restoration.