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Dedicated to Employee Benefits

Look out any window from Groom’s offices on Pennsylvania Avenue and you’ll see a panorama of official Washington that takes in the White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, and numerous federal office buildings.

It’s a view that could not be more appropriate for Groom. The firm has been at the forefront of developments in the nation’s employee benefits laws since Congress passed ERISA in 1974, drawing many of its attorneys from the federal agencies that regulate employee benefits and forging strong ties with key players in all three branches of government.

Leading the industry

Today, employee benefits law is a byzantine regulatory framework with thousands of provisions, procedures, interpretations, and exceptions that demand enormous legal expertise. And tomorrow will be no different, as lawmakers consider more major health care and pension legislation, while companies and even entire industries look for innovative legal solutions as they struggle for survival in the face of the rising costs of benefit programs.

Groom has responded to the explosive growth in benefits law with expansion of its own. It has recruited senior officials from the Department of Labor, the Treasury Department, the IRS, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and Capitol Hill, and is often approached by lawyers who have chosen to make benefits law their career and recognize that Groom is the place to practice that law. Now the nation’s largest employee benefits law firm, with attorneys working collaboratively in a single location, Groom handles a wide range of sophisticated benefits and tax matters for clients in industry, finance, and the public sector. The firm’s practice groups cover the design and operation of pension and health plans, fiduciary and tax issues, health care, benefits litigation, plan funding and restructuring, public and multiemployer plans, benefits-related policy and legislation, and executive compensation.

Whether creating state-of-the-art benefit plans, advising financial institutions about their products, or litigating disputes at all levels of the judicial system, Groom’s attorneys are consummate technicians of employee benefits law, offering clients a depth of knowledge that is simply not found in any other firm in the country. Moreover, all of the firm’s attorneys are committed to sharing ideas and strategies across practice groups no matter their area of specialization, marshalling their expertise to arrive at the best and most comprehensive solutions for their clients. When you retain a Groom attorney, you retain the whole firm.