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Actuarial and Consultant Litigation

Actuarial, benefit consulting and investment consulting firms are increasingly the target of lawsuits relating to the advice and other services that they provide.  Combining a deep understanding of industry practices with years of experience defending actuarial and consulting firms, our litigators are uniquely qualified to defend the complex claims raised in the lawsuits against these plan service providers.  Recent matters on which we have worked include:

  • Defended an actuarial firm in a lawsuit challenging the retirement and other actuarial assumptions used by the enrolled actuary, including claims relating to the sufficiency of the actuary’s report on the plan’s funding problems.
  • Defended an actuarial and benefit consulting firm against claims relating to the impact that early retirement and other benefit improvements would have on plan funding levels. 
  • Defended an investment consulting firm in litigation relating to a hedging strategy adopted by the plan fiduciaries.
  • Defended an investment consulting firm against claims relating to its review of plan investment managers.