Groom attorneys have a rewarding relationship with the Childrens Law Center, a non-profit organization serving children in the D.C. foster system. Through our work with the Childrens Law Center we help children in abusive, neglectful, and unsafe homes become part of a permanent and loving family.

As pro bono adoption attorneys, we assist parents who are adopting foster children wade through the endless bog of paperwork, regulations, and constant parade of invasive social workers and attorneys. Payments are always late, birth parents are unreliable, and important papers like Medicaid cards and birth certificates are continually missing. Despite all of the aggravation, these amazing kids and parents are still determined to build a new family and we get to help them do it.

At the core of every adoption is a civil litigation case. Our attorneys manage the adoption litigation, argue to terminate the parental rights of the unfit birth parents and petition for the adoption. More often than not, we also help track down those late payments, birth parents, and missing Medicaid cards. In the end, we do what we do every day at Groom: solve problems and help people; but in these cases, we get to feel the life changing result first hand.


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