Tammy Killion will participate in the webinar, “Grandfathered Health Plans: Requirements, Pitfalls and Best Practices,” sponsored by the Society of Professional Benefits Administrators on June 21, 2011. Among other things, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act dramatically reformed the health insurance market in the United States. However, the Act also provided an exception from many of the insurance market and health insurance coverage reforms in the Act for plans that were in effect as the date of enactment (March 23, 2010). These plans are known as “grandfathered” health plans.

The Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury have issued detailed regulations and guidance regarding grandfathered health plans. This webinar will discuss the following issues:

  • What is a “grandfathered” health plan? What is the rule for collectively bargained plans?
  • What are the advantages of being a grandfathered health plan? What provisions of the ACA must grandfathered plans comply with and what provisions are grandfathered plans exempted from?
  • What changes to plan structure and benefit design will cause a plan to forfeit grandfathered health plan status?
  • What changes may a plan make and still retain grandfathered health plan status?
  • What are the consequences to losing grandfathered health plan status?
  • What are best practices for retaining grandfathered health plan status?

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