David Powell will partcipate in the IPEBLA-sponsored webinar, “Trends in Liability Driven Investing for Managing Pension Risks: A Global Legal Perspective,” on May 18, 2010.

The teleconference will examine liability driven investing (LDI) and other developments in risk management (including longevity risk management) for defined benefit pension plans that have arisen in response to the market, interest rate and accounting and regulatory developments of the last decade. From the perspectives of the UK, US, Netherlands, and Canada, the speakers will discuss:

  • what LDI is taken to mean;
  • reasons for and extent of movement to LDI;
  • how LDI has been applied by plans in their jurisdictions;
  • variations in LDI approaches that continue to develop;
  • the legal and fiduciary considerations of implementing LDI in their countries;
  • country variations in LDI;
  • risks of LDI; and
  • the future for LDI.
  • Please visit www.ipebla.org for further information.

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