Our story began in the wake of a landmark regulatory development—the passage of ERISA in 1974. Ever since, rapid response to shifts in the retirement and health care policy paradigm has been our calling card. In a world that moves as swiftly as the evolution of benefits law, versatility and willingness to adapt have become core tenets of our practice at Groom.

Groom is the nation’s preeminent benefits, retirement, and health care law firm. We built our success over decades of solving complex ERISA/employee benefits challenges in the public and private sectors, providing innovative legal solutions, value, and true partnership to our clients every step of the way.

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I envision a world where all people are healthier and wealthier. Groom Law Group is committed to making that happen by supporting companies and organizations who provide healthcare and retirement plans and other benefits so all individuals in our country can be as healthy as possible and enjoy the financial security they need to live their best lives.”

Christine Keller, Executive Principal

Our Washington, D.C. office is our one and only location. Because of our close proximity to the federal agencies that regulate benefits, retirement, and health care, and our close proximity to the U.S. Capitol, we’ve developed and maintained relationships that give us an inside perspective on and presence within the policy landscape that drives the benefits, health care, and retirement world.

In an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, Groom attorneys provide the best and most practical solutions to the issues our clients face every day by leveraging decades of experience, key connections to the federal government, and the strength of our team.

Groom attorneys work side-by-side in an environment that rewards partnership and values diversity of specializations to create tremendous efficiency in pursuit of our shared purpose.

Groom means experience, know-how, and teamwork in benefits, retirement, and health care law from operational, advocacy, litigation, and policy perspectives.

Our Approach

We take great pride in investing in our firm culture, embarking on a years-long process to develop and integrate our firm’s core values: Innovation, Communication, Accountability, Trust, Excellence, and Respect.

Our Culture

We’re recognized by clients and industry leaders for our dedication to achieving results—which is why we’re regularly named one of our nation’s top law firms.

Our Success

The success of Groom is largely attributable to the exceptional talent that resides within the firm – both past and present.


We have always found strength in differences, assembling a talented team of people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. It makes us more creative and contributes significantly to maintaining our standard of excellence.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We strive to provide the highest levels of support, education, and access to legal services to our community through a broad range of pro bono services.

Pro Bono