Our dedication to pro bono services is more than a professional responsibility, it’s a commitment to our community. At Groom, every client — pro bono or otherwise — receives the same exceptional level of service, care, and attention.

Our Commitment

Our attorneys assist in a variety of areas — from adoption to disability and social security benefits, to preparing wills, to tax issues, to litigation and mediation. In addition, we strive to help new non-profit organizations obtain their tax-exempt status, while constantly expanding our skill set to meet individuals’ immediate needs. In 2019, Groom was awarded the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia’s Making Justice Real Pro Bono Award in recognition of its outstanding pro bono services provided in the Washington, D.C. community.

As part of our pro bono commitment, we encourage and support involvement from every Groom attorney. Edward Meehan chairs our Pro Bono Committee and leads initiatives to grow our pro bono efforts within the firm and the legal profession, as well as the community at large. We focus on these efforts to achieve our goal:

  • Support – Encourage and support the participation by all Groom attorneys in pro bono activities.
  • Train – Identify areas of the law that are in need of pro bono legal assistance and ensure that Groom attorneys are trained and supervised to provide that needed assistance.
  • Contribute – Seek out opportunities for Groom attorneys to give back to the community.
  • Partner – Develop relationships with non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of those who need support.

Our clients define us and make us proud. If we can help, please contact us.