In an evolving landscape, Groom attorneys provide sound counsel across an array of health and welfare matters, including advocacy and litigation, to expertly guide managed care organizations, insurance companies, trade associations, specialized health service companies, and others.

Areas of Focus

Federal Insurance Regulation

Groom advises the largest insurance companies, managed care organizations, and health care service providers on federal programs and insurance regulation.

Privacy & Security

Groom helps health plans, insurers, & service providers navigate privacy and security rules, including electronic recordkeeping, disclosures, & data sharing

Taxation of Benefits

Groom’s experts have worked at Treasury, the IRS and the Congressional tax committees. Their knowledge of tax law, and where it is headed, helps shape the products and services of insurance companies, third party administrators and other health plan service providers.

State Insurance Regulation

Groom is uniquely positioned to help our clients understand state insurance law issues, especially given the growing body of overlapping federal laws.


Since ERISA’s founding in 1974, Groom attorneys have helped our clients navigate the complex and constantly evolving legal landscape. With a deep understanding of ERISA issues—from preemption to reporting and disclosure—our attorneys provide the best solutions to challenges arising from this complex federal law.

Health Services Advocacy

We work extensively on behalf of our clients to help shape healthcare policy at the state and federal level.

Health Services Litigation

Groom’s litigation attorneys leverage the firm’s specialized focus on health care services to provide unparalleled litigation defense services to clients.