States are increasing their efforts to regulate health and welfare plans. And as the number and scope of these state laws grow, Groom remains best positioned to help our clients understand not only these complex state-level laws, but how they interrelate to the vast and growing body of laws that overlay them at the federal level.

Our attorneys understand that our clients not only want to understand their state-level risks and obligations, but want common sense, practical advice. We pride ourselves on combining our deep technical knowledge with a strong understanding of the health care industry and operation, to deliver comprehensive, yet business-friendly solutions to our clients.


  • Audit and Investigations
  • Benefit Mandates
  • Exchanges
  • Form Filing Requirements
  • McCarron Ferguson Act
  • Plan/Product Withdrawal and Discontinuance
  • Policy and Coverage Design
  • Preemption and Conflict of Laws
  • Rating Rules
  • Reinsurance Programs