The interpersonal relationships that make up Groom’s distinct collegial and collaborative nature are critical to developing and maintaining the firm’s legal expertise and technical knowledge. For over 45 years, Groom’s collective voices and diverse viewpoints have driven its enviable success in benefits, health and retirement law.

Our Core Values

Listening to one another and receiving ongoing feedback from all is a key driver of maintaining our strong culture. Informed by factoring in input from of all of our team members, we developed a powerful set of values, beliefs, and principles to guide our day-to-day. Our culture is based on six values, each with a marked set of behaviors that illustrate how we strive to interact, complement and harmonize with one another and our clients.


We are accountable to each other and our clients.
We exceed expectations and “go the extra mile.”
We take responsibility for all of our actions.


We are friendly and welcoming.
We listen mindfully and explain purposefully.
We give and accept constructive feedback.


We understand our clients and “own” their problems.
We collaborate with each other and our clients to get the best results.
We prioritize our health and well being.


We take intellectual risks and think outside the box.
We look over the horizon for new opportunities.
We appreciate that diverse viewpoints foster innovation and better problem solving.


We encourage others to express their opinions and views.
We act as leaders and role models.
We confront disrespect.


We view challenges as opportunities for growth.
We act in the best interest of the firm every day.
We give our colleagues the autonomy to do their jobs in the ways they do it best.

A Culture Built for Success

Our overall success hinges on our employees being satisfied and so we value our people first and foremost. Therefore, careful thought and consideration goes into how we lead, innovate, inspire, and work together in order to make Groom a great place to work.

On the In House Warrior podcast episode “Getting Law Firm Culture Right”, Executive Principal Christine Keller details Groom’s path to defining the firm’s culture and the process of implementing its core values. In it, she shares why the process continues to be of great importance, some surprises that cropped up along the way, challenges that were necessary to overcome, creative ways that the firm incorporates its values into its day-to-day, the role of firm management, and much much more.

Championing Our Culture

Culture is key. At Groom, above all we:

  • Collaborate with one another each and every day
  • Encourage innovation and decision-making by all employees
  • Prioritize a fun, productive work environment
  • Offer flexibility, autonomy, and responsibility