Since ERISA’s founding in 1974, Groom attorneys have helped our clients navigate the complex and constantly evolving legal landscape. With a deep understanding of ERISA issues—from preemption to reporting and disclosure—our attorneys provide the best solutions to challenges arising from this complex federal law.

Whether helping our clients with the drafting and filing of required notices of annual reports, or with determining compliance with health plan requirements, Groom attorneys are experts in ERISA and the rules applicable to today’s health and welfare arrangements.

Our client work in this arena also includes the application of ERISA’s fiduciary and prohibited transactions rules, litigation and controversy, vendor contracting and negotiation, claims and appeals, health plan requirements, excepted benefits, association health plans, broker and service provider compensation, and corrections.


  • Broker and Service Provider Compensation
  • Claims and Appeals
  • Corrections
  • Federal Health Plan Requirements
  • Fiduciary Rules and Prohibited Transactions
  • Litigation & Controversy
  • Preemption
  • Reporting & Disclosure
  • Vendor Contracting and Negotiation