In partnership with Legal Aid DC, Groom litigation attorneys Kalena Kettering and Mark Nielsen served as lead attorneys on behalf of their client who was embroiled in an arduous custody dispute with her young daughter’s father. Following the successful securing of a fair custody agreement, the firm was lauded by Legal Aid DC in its feature, “Groom Law Group Helps Negotiate a Fair Custody Agreement,” for their work.

In their feature, Legal Aid DC described Kettering as having “successfully turned the tide of the litigation by expertly illustrating to the Court that Ms. Page provided her daughter with a stable and loving home.” Ms. Page also praised her efforts stating that, “She saw my case for what it was and she fought for me.”

To read Legal Aid DC’s feature on the case, please click here. For more information about Groom’s pro bono practice, including our ongoing partnership with Legal Aid DC, please click here

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