As the first to hold the Director of Marketing and Business Development position at the firm, Sandria is responsible for establishing and advancing the firm’s marketing and business development activities to deliver value to clients and support the firm’s strategic growth. This entails overseeing the firm’s brand, communication and media relations, client service programs, event management, alumni relations, and an innovative team of marketing and business development professionals.

Groom has been home, professionally, to Sandria for more than 10 inconsecutive years, where she began the early stages of her career as a legal assistant before assuming a larger role in the firm’s marketing and business development efforts. Prior to rejoining Groom in 2018, she spent several years at an Am Law 100 firm supporting its client relations activities.

Since her return to Groom, she has devoted much of her time to establishing strategic goals and practices to spur growth opportunities overall, as well as developing the firm’s marketing strategy and branding, from the ground up. To attorneys, she is a mainstay in their professional journeys of building longstanding client relationships and helping them achieve their goals, large and small.

As a trusted advisor of the firm, she also works alongside firm leadership to tackle a number of special firmwide ventures and has been integral in defining and deploying the firm’s culture and related values, aligning the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavors with those of its clients, fostering ways for the firm to remain collaborative and connected through and post-pandemic, and generally keeping the firm adept in the evolving legal industry.

When off-the-clock, she enjoys traveling, reading, and being outdoors.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Legal Marketing Association (2017–present)
  • Member, Board of Advisors for Legal Sales and Service Organization (2023–present)