Plan Sponsor Litigation

From multi-billion dollar class actions to benefits claims and other participant litigation to Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation audits and investigations, Groom’s litigation attorneys represent our clients’ interests in a wide range of matters concerning their plan and benefit offerings – whether as plan sponsors, trustees, or ERISA fiduciaries. We bring tough-minded advocacy and creative strategies to our representations of companies and their boards, administrative committees, and other fiduciaries across a broad spectrum of litigation and investigative matters, including 401(k) fee litigation, employer stock cases, church plan litigation, and other fiduciary breach litigation, as well as matters involving the ACA, retiree health, executive compensation, plan funding and restructuring, and withdrawal liability.

Groom’s seasoned litigation team expertly assesses the legal merits of each case, as well as our clients’ goals and interests, to win cases in the courtroom and fashion creative, cost-effective solutions outside of the courtroom—whether it’s a “bet-the-company” case or a smaller-scale dispute.