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Christine Keller will participate in the webinar, “2014: End of the (Health Care) World as We Know It?” sponsored by the ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits on December 8, 2011 from 1:00-2:30 pm ET. The program will focus briefly on the remaining statutory requirements between now and 2014. The program will then synthesize the existing guidance and future requirements into what the health care world may look like in 2014, with a focus on larger employers. The panel will discuss whether:

  • Retiree medical coverage survives the creation of exchanges in 2014
    Stand-alone HRAs remain available for employers to subsidize premium costs
    Employers adopt a “fail safe” low cost employee-only plan to satisfy their shared responsibility obligations
    Employers should begin ramping up to appropriately manage (and track) full time employees
    Employers should begin to back away from high cost plans or on-site clinics in anticipation of the “Cadillac Tax” in 2018

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