David Powell is Planning Co-Chair of the ALI-CLE program “Employee Benefit Plans of Tax-Exempt and Governmental Employers.” This program will take place on October 20-21, 2016 at Washington, DC. Benefit professionals from the private, non-profit, and governmental sectors will examine the impact of the latest legal changes to plan provisions and employer operations. Discussions will address:

  • What the new rules on determination letters mean for establishing whether your retirement plan is “qualified”
  • Whether your tax-exempt entity’s 457(f) plan has a substantial risk of forfeiture
  • What the continued evolution of EPCRS means for fixing your retirement plan
  • Disability plan claims procedures, evolving wellness program rules, and litigation – Are your welfare plans compliant?
  • New HHS audit initiatives on HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • An anticipated update to the mortality tables
  • 417(e) lump sum payment provisions guidance
  • Cadillac tax guidance
  • Proposed regulations on lump sum payments to retirees in pay status
  • New DOL audit initiatives
  • The bankruptcy of government plans, such as in Detroit, California, and Puerto Rico
  • Recent Circuit Court decisions on church plan status

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