Groom principal Xavier Baker was quoted by Law360 in the article, “What To Know About Biden’s ACA Nondiscrimination Rule,” where he covered the final regulations regarding discrimination under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) passed by the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”).

Law360 reported that Baker said that “he was interested in the final rule’s ‘pressure release valve’ regarding federal conscience and religious freedom protections.”

According to the outlet, Baker also noted that “the process gives covered entities a way of seeking exemptions ‘as a way of potentially preventing people from just going into court and suing’ over the rule.”

“It remains to be seen, I think, how popular that vehicle is going to be, because that’s a case-by-case determination. And we’ve seen litigants go to court and try and get nationwide injunctions, which would have much broader application,” Baker said.

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