Groom principal Lisa Campbell, co-leader of the firm’s Health Services practice, was featured by Bloomberg Law in the article, “Health Providers Signal Support for No Surprises Dispute Rules,” where she explored the difficulties for plan providers that could come with passage of the Biden Administration’s rules for No Surprises Act disputes.

According to Bloomberg Law, Campbell said that “requiring payers to submit the codes could put more burden on them.”

“It would be up to the plans or issuers to provide all this information and to make indications as to whether or not a claim is subject to the NSA,” she continued.

Bloomberg Law reported that Campbell said that “accuracy will be important in the way claims are batched.”

Campbell questioned, “Who’s going to be policing this to make sure that it’s done the way it should be?”

The outlet wrote that Campbell further stated that “confusion exists about whether the parties are actually in the open negotiation period, and often negotiations are not taking place.”

Bloomberg Law reported that, according to Campbell, “‘That is a good thing,’ because it could lead to negotiating settlements without having to use the independent dispute resolution system.”

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