In the weeks following enactment of the historic “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (“PPACA” or the “Act”) on March 23, 2010, insurers, plans, plan sponsors and administrators have faced the daunting task of digesting the Act’s complex provisions, rules and effective dates. Put simply, PPACA is the most sweeping healthcare reform law in U.S. history, and it requires insurers, plan sponsors and administrators to make significant policy and plan changes in a very short time period.

Attached is a revised chart that summarizes key provisions of PPACA, as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (“Reconciliation Bill”) that was subsequently enacted on March 30, 2010. The attached chart summarizes PPACA’s provisions with respect to the following areas:

Insurance Market Reforms;
Employer Responsibility;
Individual Responsibility; and
Revenue Raisers.


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