Groom principal Christine Keller was quoted in the Society for Human Resource Management’s (“SHRM”) article “Most Employees Support Employer Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19,” which discussed employee opinion on whether employers should incentivize vaccination, and if so, whether or not higher insurance rates for the unvaccinated should be employed.

As stated by SHRM, in October 2021 guidance, the Biden administration surprised plan administrators by announcing it would limit vaccine incentive or surcharge programs for unvaccinated health plan participants. “The decision to treat a vaccine incentive or surcharge program as an activity-only program means that employers are now limited with respect to the level of surcharge [or incentive] that they can impose,” said Keller.

Employers that wish to impose premium surcharges “have to develop reasonable alternatives to vaccination, which may be administratively burdensome and unworkable in practice,” she added, according to SHRM.

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