Principal Christine Keller was a special guest on the In House Warrior podcast episode titled, “Getting Law Firm Culture Right”. Hosted by Richard Levick of LEVICK, the daily podcast of the Corporate Counsel Business Journal featured an interview with Keller detailing Groom’s path to developing a more defined and deliberate firm culture. Asked why it was important that Groom focus on its culture, Keller explained how the benefits, health and retirement-focused firm was formed on the heels of the passage of ERISA in 1974 by a group of friends who shared common interests, values and strong work ethic, and that it became apparent in recent years, following decades of continued growth, that the firm would have to work to maintain a similar energy, friendliness, and enthusiasm for the practice, particularly as the group of ‘foundational’ partners begin to transition into retirement.

She went on to discuss how the firm had traditionally focused on outward strategy but that firm leadership, including herself who was then serving as a member of the Executive Committee, found it necessary to focus on internal strategy and, ultimately, culture. With guidance from Gerry Riskin, Founding Principal and Chairman of Edge International, Groom entered a year-long, collaborative process to develop its six core values, an undertaking which, even in its early stages, is proving to be a rewarding endeavor.

For Keller’s detailed account of Groom’s process of implementing a firmwide culture framework and its challenges, including the unique approaches taken to promote the values and the significance of management’s role to ensure wide adoption, listen below.


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