Groom has been named in the 2023 edition of Vault’s “Top 150 Under 150” list for the fourth consecutive year in a row. The list recognizes the leading small and midsize law firms with 150 or fewer attorneys and is derived from a combination of meticulous market research, associate feedback, and review of other legal publications.

In addition to being named among the “Top 150 Under 150” Groom was also ranked in several other midsize law firm categories based on associate feedback:

  • #6 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Compensation”
  • #12 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Transparency”
  • #13 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Associate/Partner Relations”
  • #13 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Career Outlook”
  • #15 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Quality of Work”
  • #20 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Technology & Innovation”
  • #21 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Wellness”
  • #22 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Pro Bono”
  • #24 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Overall Ranking”
  • #25 “Best Midsize Law Firms for Selectivity”

What Associates Have to Say About Groom

  • “My colleagues at Groom are approachable, friendly, and willing to listen and lend advice. The type of law we practice—employee benefits—is interesting and important. The quality of life is good, with attorneys rarely staying past 7 p.m.”
  • “Everyone is very respectful of each other from top to bottom, partner to staff. …”
  • “I am given about the right amount [of work] in aggregate, and have substantial flexibility in when and where I complete my work.”

What Vault Has to Say About Groom

  • On Firm Culture: “Groom boasts a welcoming, friendly culture—lawyers respect each other, from the top down. There isn’t pressure to socialize after hours, but there are some firm-sponsored events. Partners and associates have strong relationships.”
  • On Workload Flexibility. “There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of work, and hours can sometimes be heavy, but associates appreciate the flexibility afforded them.”
  • On Diversity. “Associates give the firm high marks for its diversity efforts. As one associate shares, ‘The firm has a diversity committee and is actively engaged in programs supporting diversity in the legal profession, and looks for diverse job candidates.’”

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