Groom Law Group and the Calvert Foundation hosted a reception for MicroCredit Enterprises (MCE) at our office on April 21, 2009. Shari Berenbach, President and CEO of Calvert Foundation, and Jonathan Lewis, CEO of MicroCredit, gave presentations on how microcredit loans work and who they impact.

MicroCredit Enterprises is committed to reducing poverty by mobilizing private investment capital to finance micro-businesses of poor families throughout the developing world. It gears its entrepreneurial results to produce jobs, sustain micro-businesses and improve human lives.

For over 10 years, Calvert Foundation has been working to make community investment a safe and logical option for all investors seeking to make a positive social impact. They focus on using investment capital, rather than conventional philanthropy, to create a sustainable, scalable model that enables nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to address critical social problems.


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