Principal David Kaleda was quoted in the March/April 2018 issue of PLANADVISER Magazine in the article “Battling the Elements: The role of the adviser in mitigation litigation.”  Commenting on litigation risks faced by plan sponsors and the current environment, Kaleda noted that he is “ever amazed by the ingenuity of plaintiffs’ firms when it comes to figuring out new ways to sue people in our industry.

“One point that may ease some of the concern for the smallest plan sponsors is that the litigation wave has limits in terms of how far down-market it will move in any big way,” he stated. “However, there are still many attractive targets out there from the litigators’ perspective, say in the $100 million-plus marketplace. And this is not just 401(k) plans, by any means. We’re seeing university 403(b) plans as a big new target for class action lawyers, and other categories as well.”


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