Groom principal and chair of the firm’s Retirement Services group, Michael Kreps, was featured by Pensions & Investments in the article, “Expected Slow Start to Legislative Year Means Republicans May Target Oversight, Campaign-Positive Topics,” where he outlined what to expect from Congress heading into an election year.

“Usually election years aren’t particularly productive in terms of legislating,” said Kreps.

According to Pensions & Investments, Kreps noted that “the first half of the year will likely be ‘a mad attempt to get major must-pass things done,’ like keeping the government funded, authorizing defense spending and more.”

The outlet reported that Kreps stated that “‘what you see in election years is a massive uptick in oversight,’ particularly from the party opposite the president.”

Pensions & Investments noted that “for this Congress, that would come from the House GOP, ‘because they use the committee process and the oversight as a way to highlight real or perceived failings of the administration,’” according to Kreps.

The outlet further reported that Kreps said that “focusing on environmental, social and governance investing is another topic he expects Republicans to take further action on, as ‘that issue ties together a lot of their narrative threads for campaigns.’

“They view it as a place where they have some substantive policy objections, and where those policy objections intersect with things that they believe are campaign-positive for them,” Kreps said. The outlet reported that Kreps continued, saying that “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has used anti-ESG policies as a part of his presidential campaign.”

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