General Firm Information: Associate and Lateral Hire Information

How many lawyers work at Groom?

We have about 95 lawyers at our one D.C. office.

For an associate position, what materials should I submit? To whom?

Please submit a resume and transcript to our Human Resources Department at

What’s the firm’s commitment to diversity?

We value the unique, differing perspectives people from different backgrounds bring to their work. We believe in providing the resources and support everyone needs to excel, and placing a very high priority on respect and professionalism. Click here to learn more about our diversity philosophy, commitment, and activities. We actively recruit and welcome minority attorneys of all levels to our firm.

Do you have a written pro bono policy?

Yes, we have a written pro bono policy and a Pro Bono Committee to encourage and support our attorneys’ pro bono work. The firm recognizes 100 annual pro bono hours toward an attorney’s billable hours goal and approves additional hours for special projects. Click here to learn more about our Pro Bono policy.

How do your associates participate in the management and governance of the firm?

First, our associates serve on Groom committees, where they provide valuable input on firm management and governance. We also hold periodic associate lunches where the managing principal discusses firm issues and responds to questions submitted anonymously. Further, since we’re a relatively small and collegial firm of about 95 attorneys who work together face-to-face or virtually, associates have frequent informal opportunities to contribute their ideas and concerns. Leadership also solicits feedback on surveys and firm-wide virtual meetings, so important feedback can be collected and put into action.  

What types of training and professional development opportunities does Groom offer employees?

Attorneys are encouraged to own their professional development. We reimburse attorneys for attendance at bar association meetings, seminars, legal education courses, and other professional training. We will also reimburse some costs for those wishing to pursue a law school course or an accredited Employee Benefits Law Certificate (or other related certificate program).

Does Groom cover bar dues and licensing fees for associates?

Yes. It’s part of our compensation and benefits package.

What’s the starting pay for an associate?

We compensate our associates well, with a starting salary that is competitive with the largest D.C. firms, and is currently $215,000.

How are bonuses awarded to associates?

We award associates annual bonuses both on hours-based criteria and on merit-based criteria.

What is included in Groom’s benefits package for associates?

Groom offers employees one of the most comprehensive and innovative benefits packages imaginable. This includes medical, dental and vision benefits, a flexible spending account, a health savings account (fully funded if you’re covered under one of our medical plans), paid parental leave, parent support resources, benefits support including back-up child care, full-time child care, adult and elder care and more, short- and long-term disability insurance, life and AD&D insurance, commuter/transportation benefits, tuition and professional development reimbursement, generous time off, a profit sharing retirement plan, financial planning services, a comprehensive employee assistance program, an on-site fitness center, an on-site wellness room, a premium subscription to a wellness app, and more!

Do you offer domestic partner benefits?

Yes, attorneys may cover their domestic partner as a “dependent” for medical and dental benefits.

What technology is available to associates?

We make sure our attorneys have the right technology to get their work done, providing them state-of-the-art computers, smartphones, online research tools, and other materials.

Are there opportunities for hybrid work?

Yes, positions typically can be structured as a hybrid or remote work arrangement. Our approach to hybrid work fosters teamwork and collaboration with core collaboration days in the office.

As an associate, will I receive a mentor?

Yes, our Peer-to-Peer Program provides you with a more senior associate as a mentor, someone you’ll feel comfortable with, who will guide you and of whom you can freely ask questions. You will also be assigned a Principal mentor who can offer career guidance and help you develop substantive skills.

Do you have a casual dress policy?

Yes. We want colleagues to dress for their day and attire is typically casual. More business professional attire is expected for court and client meetings.

Summer Associate Program

From which law schools does Groom recruit?

We seek student applications from a number of schools across the country. You can look for Groom during on-campus interviewing virtually or on campus, or visit our Summer Associate page to learn more about our program. If you have a particular interest in benefits, tax, health law, or litigation, please send a resume and transcript to Human Resources at

When does the Summer Associate Program start? When does it end?

Typically, our summer program runs for approximately eight weeks—from the first week in June to the last week of July.

Are there opportunities for hybrid work?

Yes, we appreciate your flexibility in working with us both in person and virtually, as necessary.

Does Groom permit a summer split with other law firms?

In some cases, if a candidate has a genuine interest in our practice and if the timing works well with our summer program. We typically hire for the 2nd summer.

Do you interview first-year law students?


What do you look for in a law student?

In addition to the student’s particular interest in benefits, health and retirement laws, and/or related litigation and policy, we look for strong research and analytical skills, the ability to effectively communicate results, good interpersonal skills that indicate potential to relate well to clients and colleagues, and a work ethic that aligns with our core values.

How many students participate in the summer program?

Since we’re a firm with about 95 attorneys, our summer program is rather small—usually two to four students.

What do you pay summer associates?

Summer associates receive standard first-year associate pay, pro-rated. Our starting associate pay is competitive with the largest D.C. firms, and is currently $215,000.

Are summer associates assigned mentors?

You’ll be assigned an associate as your personal mentor—someone you can relate to and someone of whom you can ask any question.

As a summer associate, will I receive assignments from all practice areas or just one?

You can expect to work on the same important matters that our principals are working on—in tax, benefits, health care, litigation and more. However, if you have a particular practice area in which you want to focus, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Assignments can come from any Groom attorney, however, an assigned attorney mentor monitors your workload. There is no make-work or assignments designed just for Groom summer associates.

How accessible are Groom principals to summer hires?

In many cases you’ll be working directly with a Groom principal. And since we’re a relatively small, specialized firm of about 95 attorneys, everyone knows everyone else and we all work together. Our doors are open to anyone who has questions or needs guidance.

What training do you provide summer associates?

In addition to your mentor who will guide you through the summer and answer your questions, you’ll participate in many attorney training programs and webinars on the hottest issues and topics. Further, you’ll receive training from our librarian in research techniques. Finally, on-the-job training never stops. In each matter you’re working on, you’ll learn hands-on about our practice with guidance from senior attorneys.

Are there pro bono opportunities for summer associates?

Yes. Our summer associates are encouraged to participate in any of our ongoing pro bono efforts. Or if you have a pro bono idea of your own, you can submit it to our Pro Bono Committee for approval. Click here to learn more about our pro bono efforts.

How are summer associates reviewed?

You’ll receive informal interim reviews and a formal review at the end of the summer. We also encourage summer associates to provide clear feedback to our team about their favorite program aspects, and any areas we can improve. We are always looking for ways to continue to provide summer associates with an excellent experience.

What social activities does Groom provide summer associates?

We organize many social events that our summer associates can participate in. These can include sports games, fine dining experiences, volunteer events, a boat cruise, and happy hours. You also can expect luncheon get-togethers where, over the summer, you’ll likely get to know all Groom attorneys and their practice areas.