Michael Kreps Comments on SECURE 2.0 in Pensions & Investments

Principal Michael Kreps provided commentary to Pensions & Investments on the challenges facing the passage of a SECURE 2.0 package. SECURE 2.0, or the Securing a Strong Retirement Act, would enact retirement reform similar to 2019’s Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (“SECURE”) Act.

A SECURE 2.0 bill is unlikely to get floor time in the Senate and passing it through unanimous consent — a fast-tracked process where no senator objects — is difficult, said Kreps.

If a SECURE 2.0 bill were to pass, members in the House and Senate would likely work out some sort of compromise through an informal process and then attach the bill to a piece of must-pass legislation or a larger bill that’s moving through Congress, Kreps said. The original SECURE Act was attached to a year-end spending bill in 2019.

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