The ESOP Association’s TEA National 2021 Conference will be held June 21 – 23, 2021. Specifically tailored to represent, highlight and promote the best interests of ESOPs, the National Conference attracts employee owners from all levels, top association volunteer leaders from across the nation, and expert professionals ready to share their experiences.

Groom attorneys Lars Golumbic and Andrew Salek-Raham will be joining the conference to present, “Understanding the Role of DOL as a Regulator,” where they will cover the basics of ERISA’s framework, with a focus on the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) place within that framework. In particular, they will discuss the scope of the DOL’s investigative authority, who falls within the DOL’s investigatory purview, different types of DOL investigations and subpoenas, and what to expect when on the receiving end of an investigation.

Groom’s Sarah Adams will also be co-presenting the session, “ESOP Litigation: Latest Trends and Open Questions,” that will explore recent trends in ESOP litigation, discussing the latest claims and defenses and the courts’ treatment of those arguments

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